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Did you know -

Most of the information about guinea pigs and guinea pig care found in popular pet care books, in pet store handouts, and offered by pet store employees is either outdated, disproved, or used to encourage you to buy overpriced, unsafe food, accessories, and supplies that can be hazardous to your guinea pig's health!

That's right, the people who you turn to for expert advice are actually giving you information that makes you guinea pig listless, unhealthy, unhappy, causes cage odor, and actually ultimately will reduce your guinea pig's life span!

Unsure? Let me ask you, does ANY of the following sound familiar?

  • You bought a guinea pig at the local pet store that turned out to be pregnant?
  • Are you using saw dust, pine, or cedar bedding at the recommendation of your local pet shop?
  • Does your guinea pig seem to have a constant eye problems, cough, congestion, or sniffle?
  • Does your guinea pig cage smell no matter what you do?
  • Despite feeding your guinea pig the best fresh food, he or she still suffers from diarrhea?
  • Your guinea pig died giving birth to pups and now you don't know how to feed them?
  • Does your guinea pig seem to lack personality?
  • Your guinea pig has problems with mouth sores.

If you answered "yes" to any questions above, then the health of your guinea pig is needlessly at risk! Did you know that with the best care the average guinea pig can live around seven years? And yet, many pet guinea pigs do not survive their first year! This does not have to happen to you! With the right information you can quickly turn your guinea pig's health, happiness, and life around without spending a lot of time or money. All you need is the right information.

guinea pig

Guinea pigs are delicate creatures

Guinea pigs can live anywhere from five to seven years with proper care. However, the average pet guinea pig dies within the first year and a half due to selecting the wrong kind of cage, food, and bedding. In fact TWO of the most popular kinds of guinea pig bedding commonly sold in pet stores are actually hazardous to your guinea pigs health - causing liver damage and respiratory infection!

And the worst part - once you guinea pig becomes sick, most illnesses and infections become serious very quickly - sometimes before you even notice anything is wrong.

My Story

While I have been an animal lover all my life, I was not always a guinea pig expert. Far from it in fact. In the early days it seemed everything I did was wrong, and if there was to be a mistake to be made, I made it. It seemed so difficult as a new owner to easily find information on caring for guinea pigs the right way.

I spent many late nights looking up critical information on the internet and trying to find solutions to nagging problems, while at the same time feeling like I was an bad pet owner because I simply couldn't figure out why my guinea pig was so shy and reluctant to interact. On top of that, Skittles my guinea pig was showing signs of rapidly declining health and no matter how often I cleaned the cage, I simply could not get ahead of the persistent odor.

Luckily for me, I was introduced - before it was too late - to a great group of enthusiastic guinea pig breeders and rescuers by my veterinarian. These people were able to take me and my family under their wing and teach us the very best guinea pig tips and tricks.

I cannot tell you how having access to these little known guinea pig secrets changed our family's lives. Now our guinea pigs Skittles and Francis are really loving, interactive members of our family, plus cage odor and health problems are now a thing of the past.

I want your family to have that same happiness.

That is why I compiled all of the secrets guinea pig veterinarians, breeders, and rescuers WANT you to know in simple, easy to read book called The Complete Guinea Pig Handbook

Large guinea pig book

This guide is guaranteed to reveal everything you need to know about how to have a loving, trusting, sweet smelling, healthy, playful guinea pig for a long time to come - or your money back - GUARANTEED.

Here is a list of guinea pig "essential secrets" that I reveal in my book:

  • How to select EXACTLY the right guinea pig for your family! Discover which breed of guinea pig is easiest and safest for your children, and which types are ideal for adults!
  • Prevent expensive and stressful mistakes - Discover how to tell male guinea pigs from female guinea pigs AND how to spot pregnant females! Never be fooled again!
  • Make research easy - All the information you want about all the different guinea pig breeds all in one place! Have fun discovering important differences between breeds!

  • Prevent common mistakes, save time, money, and preserve the health and happiness of all your piggies - What you NEED to know before you start breeding guinea pigs!
  • Prevent unnecessary and expensive medical emergencies! How to care for pregnant mothers and babies - they each have unique needs! Plus how to care for orphaned babies - this is crucial care information for all unexpected emergencies!

  • Build a satisfying relationship with your guinea pig! Discover how to get your guinea pig to trust you when you carry and hold him by knowing exactly the right steps to follow (an when to put him down!)

  • Have FUN! How set up the perfect stimulating guinea pig habitat using safe and modern materials guaranteed to prevent odor, and full of fun original toys!

  • Prevent a family tragedy - How to prevent and recognize health problems ahead of time - and how to cure your guinea pig if he gets sick!

The Complete Guinea Pig Handbook
covers all this and more.When you read it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how a few simple tricks is all it really takes to have the guinea pig of your dreams.

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Do you know the best place to get your new guinea pig?

Most people don't know that many of the guinea pigs sold in pet stores come from breeder mills and have a tendency since birth towards health problems! On top of that, many are kept in overcrowded cages with poor ventilation and substandard food where disease, respiratory infection, and mites infestations run rampant! This is why so many guinea pigs do not thrive once you get them home!

Despite being so-called "experts," most pet stores do not correctly sex their guinea pigs. Males and females can end up mixed together making the likelihood of bringing home a pregnant immature female very high. Pregnancies among very young guinea pigs have an especially high complication and mortality rate! The odds of losing the mother and/or the babies is very high!

My book will help you prevent these problems altogether

You will know:

  • The BEST places in your area to get the healthiest and most social guinea pig!
  • Exactly how to sex a young guinea pig!
  • How to spots signs of poor health and pregnancy!
  • How to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth if you do encounter a pregnant piggie!
  • Secrets only the experts know to finding a source that will unconditionally guarantee your guinea pig and take him or her back if you cannot keep your furry friend for any reason!

Here's more of what you'll discover in The Complete Guinea Pig Handbook:

  • Prevent accidents! Everything first time guinea pig owners with children need to know about choosing the most sweet and forgiving fuzzy friend, safe handling, avoiding biting altogether and teaching your children to care for pets responsibly.

  • Avoid unnecessary spending! Its so easy to buy every last thing in the pet store! Know EXACTLY how much you should expect to spend on your guinea pig- including supplies.

  • NO HASSLE! Which guinea pig breeds you MUST avoid if you are short on time.

  • Be an instant expert! How to tell if a guinea pig is male or female, sick, too young, or pregnant BEFORE you bring him or her home.
  • Keep a happy pet family! How to keep more than one guinea pig, predict who will get along with who, introduce one guinea pig to another, and to ensure your other pets(cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc) all get along!

  • Stay odor free! Why your guinea pig should never need a bath to smell or look fresh and clean, and when and how to bathe if necessary.

  • Simple changes have large impact - How to prevent most guinea pig health problems, how to spot serious issues if they do come up, and vital secrets to selecting a veterinarian - not just anyone will do!

  • Prevent diet sabotage! How to choose the VERY BEST guinea pig food, prevent excess weight gain, what your guinea pig can and cannot eat, what ONE food item your guinea pig cannot do without, and which foods have the most vitamin C.

  • Understand you guinea pig! Why guinea pigs chew, chatter, whistle, grr, chirp, purr, and JUMP (known as popcorning!)

  • Avoid unnecessary health and safety problems while having fun! How to choose (or make) the best guinea pig cage, where to buy it, how much it will cost (plus how to save money) and HINT - rabbit, hamster cages, and aquariums won't work and I'll tell you why.

  • Safety first! Why you should avoid cedar and pine bedding at all cost!

  • Odor-busting secrets! The best odor absorbing bedding plus a little known secret for making your own inexpensive but high quality re-usable bedding alternative.Just throw it in the wash!

  • Prevent accidents! Discover how to identify room temperatures that can be life threatening for your guinea pig.

  • Keep your piggie beautiful and sweet smelling! Guinea pig grooming essentials - what you need to do weekly vs monthly and why you never want to neglect your guinea pig's teeth and nails.

But that's not all ...Because that's just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you'll discover in this jam packed eBook that you can download within 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

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Honestly...What's All This Worth?

Using the secrets contained with in my book will save you hours of hassle and frustration, as much as double your guinea pig's life span, and save you hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills (even if you save $100, that's more than 10 times the cost of this book!)

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FREE BONUS #1: "The Guinea Pig Adoption Master Guide"

Everything you need to know in order to adopt the perfect Guinea Pig!


You'll discover:


  • Save time - easily find a guinea pig rescue in your area - we list 35+ sources among all 50 US states and 95+ sources in the United Kingdom!

  • Know what to expect before you go! We explain What rescue organizations will expect from ideal candidates.

  • Budget in advance! Know how much you should expect to pay or donate.

  • Plan ahead to save money! Supplies that may be required, buy them online to save money so you are not forced to buy over-priced supplies at the last minute!

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That's not all, because you'll also get...

FREE BONUS #2: "The Guinea Pig Breeder Master List"

We have done all the legwork for you! A comprehensive list of guinea pig breeders by state and by breed.


You'll discover:


  • 20 regional Guinea Pig Breeding Clubs

  • Where to find Abyssinian, American, Coronet, Dalmatian, Dutch, Marten, Silkies, Peruvian, Teddy, Texels, and White Crested Guinea Pigs - 65+ additional sources listed!

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That's not all, because you'll also get...


FREE BONUS #3: "The Guinea Pig Quick Start Guide"

Everything you need to know when you bring your guinea pig home for the first time!


You'll discover:


  • How the first couple days are crucial for your guinea pig's future happiness and what you absolutely MUST avoid!

  • How to teach your children to pet and handle their new guinea pig.

  • Secret ways to "cheat" and gain your guinea pig's trust even faster.

  • How to introduce two new guinea pigs to each other WITHOUT any fighting.

  • How to integrate your guinea pig with other pre-existing pets in your home.

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That's not all, because you'll also get...

FREE BONUS #4: "Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Guinea Pig Care Checklists"

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And that's not even the best news yet, because you'll also get...

FREE BONUS #5: "The Ultimate Guinea Pig Supply Checklist"

You don't know it yet but, at the end of this bonus you'll know everything about what guinea pig supplies you REALLY need.


Here's a sneak peak into what this free bonus contains:


  • The BEST guinea pig cages for your money!

  • The most nutritious brand of guinea pig food!
  • The complete guinea pig first aid kit!
  • How to find the best resources no matter where you live! We list online resources as well as stores in the United States and United Kingdom!

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